Customizable, Easy to be integrated
Chemical-free | Flow Switch | Low Consumption | 8-10 years Service Life
  • Water Purifier
    Fresh water, Fresh your mind!
    UV Optics Design & Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Ice Maker
    Deliver safe drinking water or ice
    with built-in break through UV-LED Tech
  • Coffee Maker
    Fresh water , Fresh your mind UV Optics Design & Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Air Cleaner
    Customizable, Easy to be integrated Unique patent tech.
  • Air Conditioner
    For Your Business
    Explore our business solutions and let in the future of life in a different light.
  • Car Purification
    Engine needs horsepower, you need fresh air.
As Pure as bottled water

Sterilized in 0.2", >99.9999% disinfection
Up to 99.9% Bacteria filtration (Similar to other ssRNA viruses link SARS-CoV-2)
Up to 99.9% Organic matter filtration,
Up to 99.9% Heavy metral filtration,
Up to 100% Antibiotic Filtration

Development of UV LED
  • First generation

    Traditional UV Lamp, big size and wide wave band, limited disinfection Using life: About 1000 hours

  • Second generation

    UV-LED, small led chipset, single wave band, portable, high effective disinfection, Energy Saving and Environmental protection Using Life: 20000-30000 hours

  • Third Generation

    Mini size, Customizable Integrated Module, adapt for different applications, high effective disinfection rate >99.9999%, low energy consumption and low cost, no maintenance needed, intelligent self-monitoring, Long using life

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