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Company News | 2023/10/17

Advantages of UVC Purification System

UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation located between visible light and X-rays. A section of UV light called UV-C, which ranges from 185 to 400 nm, has powerful antimicrobial properties. Its maximum effectiveness is at 265 nm. This type of UV light destroys microorganisms by entering their cell membranes and altering their DNA, making it impossible for them to reproduce. This ultimately eliminates them.

A typical UV purification system consists of a UV lamp enclosed in a quartz sleeve and placed in a special steel chamber. Then, the liquid enters at one end of the room and travels its entire length before exiting at the other end. UV light can treat many liquids, such as thickened sugar syrups, raw water, filtered water, beverages, and wastewater.

The two main types of UV technology are low-pressure and medium-pressure (depending on the type of UV lamps). Low-pressure lamps produce monochromatic UV light (limited to a wavelength of 254 nm). In comparison, medium-pressure lamps generate UV light with a range of 185-400 nm.


UV Purification is highly effective. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, providing fast treatment of liquids.

  1. Chemical-free: Unlike other chemical-based methods, UV treatment uses only light, making it a safe and chemical-free alternative.
  2. Environmentally friendly: UV purification generates no harmful by-products and leaves no residues in the treated liquid.
  3. Easy to implement: UV treatment systems are relatively simple to install and maintain and do not require extensive operator training.
  4. Multiple applications: UV treatment applies to various domains, such as: water treatment, air purification, surface treatment, and diverse food and beverage processing.
  5. Cost-effective: UV purification is less expensive than other methods, especially regarding ongoing operating costs.
  6. Safe: UV treatment systems pose no health or safety risk to operators. It makes them a safe option for use in a variety of environments.

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