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Company News | 2023/09/18

Four-Way of Purifying Water

1. Boiling :

The method of releasing boiling organisms is known to almost everyone. In the case of direct drowning or reservoir water, it is recommended to boil for at least 20 minutes. But according to the US Government Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), filtered groundwater will be fully leached for 5 minutes (5 minutes at an altitude greater than one mile; because, at high altitudes, water boils down). That is, 5 minutes of tugging is enough for relatively clean water. This is the most inefficient method of water leakage. This method is not used to release organisms in any of the world's water treatment plants. Many people boil water for a long time. This is very harmful. For a long time, the amount of oxygen in the water decreases as the water boils. And the level of metallic elements mixed with water increases. Which is harmful to health.

2. Ultraviolet ray:

Ultraviolet radiation is a very effective method for clear and transparent water-free life. This ultraviolet ray is a powerful weapon for destroying any bacteria, cysts, and spores; However, dissolving nitrate, sulfate or ferrous ions in water or in water prevents it from working. Ultraviolet ray frameworks sanitize water rapidly and successfully. UV sterilization deactivates 99.99% of living beings in the water. They are intended to run continually to ensure the water you use is consistently protected. Since an UV purifier isn't a channel, there's no wastewater or garbage deserted to clear out. Each drop of water that enters the UV framework is cleaned.

In case you are thinking of buying a water purifier, you can give HC innest water purifier a try. There is no way that you will ever regret this. You do not have to put into a whole lot of money to install or buy this water purifier. The installation of the purifier is easy, and so is the buying cost.  You can enjoy healthy drinking water.

3. Solar system:

By keeping the contaminated water in the sun, the bacteria that cause diarrhea to become void. It is believed that pathogenic organisms function for three reasons behind the effects of sunlight: a) The ultraviolet ray disrupts the bacterial metabolism and destroys the cell structure. B) ultraviolet rays of wavelengths of 120 to 5 mm react with dissolved oxygen in the water and produce highly active forms of oxygen (free radicals, hydrogen peroxide); They are also thought to destroy pathogens, and c) increase the temperature of the water, saving 3 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, these bactericidal processes are three times faster. The solar system is called SODIS in English. In this method, to disinfect 3 ° C. Water is kept in full sunlight for about 4 hours at room temperature. At this time, the radiation levels of the solar radius are 5 W / square meter (all wavelengths combined). 3 ° C At higher temperatures, ultraviolet rays and the combined action of temperature increase the bactericidal efficiency. In this way, water cannot be purified in the water supply system, but it can save lives in remote areas where there is no other way of purified water. This approach can play a very effective role in preventing contaminated water-borne diseases in remote areas of natural disasters.
4. By chlorine:

Chlorine is a chemical widely used for the disinfection of water in various forms. Since the introduction of chlorine in water purification in the early twentieth century, the mortality rate for waterborne diseases has decreased dramatically throughout the world. In case of emergency, water is available at the tablet of Halotab or chlorine for purification. The amount of clear tablet to give a tablet is written in the wrap of the tablet. Thus, the purified water has a slight chlorine odor. However, when the water is slightly heated, all odors are supposed to go away. In our country, people smell the chlorine or bleaching in the nose, while in the developed world, people feel safe to drink this smell, and in the water supplied they are reluctant to drink the chlorine without any odor. A large part of the water supplied in Dhaka City is deep tubewell water, so the chances of survival are very low. However, contamination with leaks in the supply line is not impossible. In many areas, the water line has passed through the sewer drain - which is extremely risky. In addition, water tanks in the home are one of the most important ways to access organisms in the water. So it is important to disinfect these tanks and the entire water supply pipes at the beginning of use. Many people are refining water through filters. But you should also check if the filters are standard and refined. There are often reports of fake filters being made in newspapers. By the way, drink pure water and stay healthy.


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