UVC Water Disinfection

UVC Disinfection Module
Module NO.: HC-MK-100B-80
Disinfection Rate: 99.999%
Module Size: ø37*80mm
 Chip Power: 100mW
Disinfection Flow Rate: 3L/min
Input: 12V/24V  2A
Material: Food Grade ABS
Water Pipe: 3/8"
Application: Commercial Driking Water Machine/Public Water Fountain/Public Drinking Water Purifier


◇ More Application:

1. Water purifier

2. Air purifier

3. Ice maker/ coffee maker

4. Tea machine

5. Intelligent Toilet

6. Disinfection box

7. Refrigerator, washing machine

8. Air conditioning, fresh air system

9. Food and beverage packaging machine

10. Medical, Dental, Lab...


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