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UVC Water Disinfection

HC-MKS-155-1 Home UV Water Filtration Systems

HC HITECH UV water sterilization products typically designed for point-of-use or point-of-entry applications such as under the sink or on a countertop water purification system.One of the primary advantages of using a UV flowing water sterilizer is that it doesn't introduce any chemicals or other harmful substances into your water supply. Unlike other water treatment methods such as chlorination, UV sterilization doesn't leave any byproducts in the water that you drink or use for other purposes. As a result, you can enjoy clean, safe water without any worries about unwanted contaminants.


We are patented brand-new maintenance-free no mercury UVC-LED

water disinfection solutions technology leader which to upgrade a

new international standard for water treatment equipment/systems. 

1-UVC-LED life: 50 000 hours

2-The service life for the UVC Sterilizer: 8-10 years

3-Maintenance-free, no replacement parts

4-Water sensor switch, low consumption

5-99.999% disinfection rate



◇ Application:


1.Residential Water treatment system

2.Commercial Water treatment system  

3.MARINE & RV Water System

4.LAB water system

5.Mobile Drinking Water System

6. Office/Hotel/Apartment Water Purification system

7. Watermakers

8. Other Water Purification Systems



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