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UVC Water Disinfection

HC-MKS-200-15 UV Sterilizing water purified system

HC HITECH UV sterilizers are becoming increasingly popular for home/commercial water treatment. It uses ultraviolet radiation to kill any bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms that may be present in your water. The UV light damages the DNA of these organisms, making them unable to replicate and eliminating the risk of infection or illness.It is a type of UV sterilizer that's designed to be used with flowing water sources such as taps, faucets, and showerheads. These sterilizers typically have a compact design that makes them easy to install and use, and very effective at killing a wide range of microorganisms.


We are patented brand-new maintenance-free no mercury UVC-LED

water disinfection solutions technology leader which to upgrade a

new international standard for water treatment equipment/systems. 

1-UVC-LED life: 50 000 hours

2-The service life for the UVC Sterilizer: 8-10 years

3-Maintenance-free, no replacement parts

4-Water sensor switch, low consumption

5-99.999% disinfection rate


◇ Application:


1.Residential Water treatment system

2.Commercial Water treatment system  

3.MARINE & RV Water System

4.LAB water system

5.Mobile Drinking Water System

6.Office/Hotel/Apartment Water Purification system

7. Watermakers

8. Other Water Purification Systems


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