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Company News | 2024/07/05

How to detect whether the LED lamp beads are broken?

We all know that UV led lamp beads are widely used in daily life, so do you know how to detect when led lamp beads are broken?

Detection of LED lamp bead damage can be carried out through a variety of methods, the following are some common test means:

1. Appearance inspection:

Observe whether there are burn marks on the surface of the LED lamp bead and whether the internal chip is black, which are usually signs of physical damage.

2. Dry battery measurement method:

The two 1.5V batteries are connected in series to form a 3V power supply, and the positive and negative terminals are connected to the two ends of the LED lamp bead. If the lamp bead does not shine, it may be damaged.

3. Multimeter measurement method:

Use the diode or resistance gear (10KΩ) of the multimeter for measurement.

Touch the red watch pen (positive) to the positive LED, and the black watch pen (negative) to the negative LED. If the LED is slightly bright or the multimeter beeps, it means that the LED is good; If it does not respond, it may be damaged.

4. LED test pen measurement method:

Buy an LED test pen, which is a simple device that can test the voltage of the LED at different currents for rapid detection of LED status.

5. Comparative brightness:

Comparing the brightness of a normally working LED with a suspected damaged LED, the damaged LED usually has a significantly reduced brightness or does not glow at all.



Please note that before any testing, ensure that the circuit is powered off to avoid the risk of electric shock. In addition, if you are not sure how to operate, it is best to ask a professional for testing and maintenance. If the LED lamp bead needs to be replaced, the correct steps and safety instructions should also be followed to avoid further damage.

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