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Company News | 2024/05/31

Questions about UVC-LED sterilization technology

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, masks, disinfectants and alcohol have become daily necessities for people, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps have gradually become important materials for epidemic prevention due to their germicidal ability. The National Health Commission clearly pointed out in the "Novel Coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment Plan" that the novel coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light, and the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is simple to operate and will not make bacteria resistant. As the market demand for disinfection and sterilization products has risen, HC HITECH has also launched some new sterilization products, among which UVC disinfection products stand out from many disinfection products with their huge application value and rise strongly.

So why is UVC sterilization so popular, and what is its sterilization principle? Does UVC sterilization harm the human body? How much do you know about UVC-LED sterilization technology? Today, we will talk about them with you.

1. the principle of UVC UV sterilization

UVC is a wavelength of 200nm~280nm radiation, we believe that the most significant sterilization effect of the wavelength is 260~280nm. It can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus in organisms, destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells, and cause growth cell death or regenerative cell death, so as to achieve sterilization.

2. Whether UVC UV sterilization is effective against the novel coronavirus

The effectiveness of UVC sterilization for COVID-19 has been verified by many third-party authoritative reports. UVC ultraviolet sterilization has played an important role in hospital epidemic protection.

3. Whether UVC ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the human body

At present, one of the biggest concerns in the market for UVC sterilization is to cause damage to the eyes and skin. Although the ultraviolet sterilization lamp can effectively kill bacteria and fungi, it will also cause damage to human cells, so when using the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, it should be kept in the disinfection area without people or pets, so as to avoid damage to the skin and eyes, and after the disinfection is completed, it is necessary to open the window for ventilation.

4. What are the applications of UVC sterilization in life

UVC-LED sterilization products with its excellent performance, gradually recognized by the market, widely used in water treatment, air purification, surface purification and other fields.

5. Water treatment

With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enhancement of health awareness, drinking clean and healthy water has become the most basic demand in life. The UVC-LED disinfection equipment is directly integrated into the faucet or water dispenser to achieve true end sterilization and avoid secondary pollution inside the pipeline or water purifier.

6. Air purification

There are countless bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the air, and air purification is our first line of defense against highly infectious viruses. UVC-LED  sterilization can be installed on most equipment that requires fresh and fresh air, such as air purifiers, refrigerators, etc.

7. Surface purification

Under the impact of the epidemic, people pay special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of objects in frequent contact with life, masks, clothing and other objects in direct contact with the skin need to go through a series of disinfection and sterilization treatment. UVC-LED disinfection equipment can effectively remove organic residues on various surfaces.

From 2020 to 2024, all kinds of viruses are raging around the world. With the transformation of people's health thinking concepts, it is believed that in the near future, UVC-LED ultraviolet sterilization will enter thousands of households and become an indispensable part of People's Daily disinfection and sterilization.

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