Company News | 2021/12/16
The effect of ultraviolet bactericidal

Depending on the type of microorganisms, the UV sterilization time and dosage are also different. Different bacterial species have different absorption peaks of ultraviolet light. For example, the maximum absorption wavelengths of DNA and E. coli are both 265nm, while the maximum absorption wavelengths of Cryptosporidium and bacteriophages are 261nm and 271nm, respectively. Therefore, the required sterilization time should also be different. When the ultraviolet radiation intensity is 3×104μW/cm2, the time required to kill viruses and bacteria, mold spores, and algae bacteria is 0.1~1.0s, 1.0~8.0s, and 5.0~40.0s, respectively. According to expert research, UVC with an intensity greater than 90 μW/cm2 can kill the SARS virus in 30 minutes. The UV dose plays a vital role in the sterilization process. UV dose can be expressed as the product of UV intensity and exposure time. Under the condition of sufficient ultraviolet dose, the inactivated virus and bacteria will not resurrect, but when the dose is insufficient, many viruses and bacteria that are inactivated by ultraviolet radiation can repair their damaged structures through the assistance of light. When the ultraviolet dose is the same, high-intensity, short-time or low-intensity, long-term irradiation can be used to achieve the purpose of sterilization. To kill 1×104 Helicobacter/mL, the UV dose is about 30 mJ/cm2, and to kill the same number of spores, the UV dose is about 70 mJ/cm2.



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