Company News | 2022/01/24
The necessity of UV sterilization for smart toilets

In addition to all the functions of ordinary toilets, common smart toilet products also have functions such as "automatic flushing, seat heating, buttock cleaning, women's cleaning, and warm air drying". And a good smart toilet must also have such comfortable and practical functions as "adjustable seat temperature, adjustable water temperature and water pressure", so that users don't need to wipe it with paper after they finish defecating and urinating. Gradually get used to the more comfortable and more environmentally friendly water flushing and warm air drying to take care of the health of the user's private parts.

Another very important point is what we call the "smart toilet sterilization function"!

Many netizens may not understand that when we flush the toilet, although the water flow on the inner wall of the toilet will take away most of the dirt and bacteria, there will still be a lot of bacteria left on the toilet wall after flushing. Not to mention that some toilets have problems with the inner wall material or defective flushing design, which often leads to one or two flushes and dirt remains on the inner wall of the toilet. Flushing, there is airflow in the toilet, which will cause some germs to be carried to the toilet by the airflow

Therefore, a good smart toilet should have ultraviolet disinfection function, and the smart toilet disinfection module produced by Shenzhen Hechuang Technology Co., Ltd. has a disinfection rate of 99.9999%, and the product can be customized. Welcome to discuss cooperation.

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