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UV-LED Sterilization Device for the water purifiers

Is it really necessary to add uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization lamp to the water purifier?

Raw water contains a certain amount of impurities, heavy metals, sediment, harmful substances and organic pollutants, drinking the disease caused by poor water quality: digestive diseases, infectious diseases, various skin diseases, diabetes, lithiasis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and so on, up to 50 kinds. Last year, the news that the cancer village was due to the problem of drinking water is still vivid. Nowadays, with the acceleration of the pace of life, people pay more and more attention to the value of time and want to solve the problem of drinking water in the shortest time. Then comes the popular water purifier, because it can not only give people convenience, but also purify unclean water into drinkable water. Is the water purifier really a safe choice?


Why do you need uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization lamp?

The function of water purifier is to remove the residual heavy metals, sediment, organic pollutants, residual chlorine and other substances harmful to human body in tap water through the filtration and adsorption of various filter elements; In particular, the reverse osmosis water purifier can filter 98% of the impurities in the water. Using this filtering method, the water quality is improved, so as to obtain pure water that can be drunk directly.


However, if the water purifier is used for a long time and the pipeline bacteria exceed the standard, what will cause such a result?


Many water purifiers are used in families and forget to replace the filter element on time for a long time, which is prone to secondary pollution and easy for bacteria to grow and reproduce; At the same time, the pipeline will inevitably be polluted by bacteria after long use. Therefore, adding ultraviolet sterilization lamp to the last effluent of the water purifier can effectively kill parasitic bacteria in the water and ensure that the water is sterile and fresh.


Principle of uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization lamp?

Speaking of ultraviolet sterilization, there are many examples in daily life. Drying quilts, clothes and insect bearing rice exposed to the sun makes use of the natural ultraviolet light in the sun. Ultraviolet sterilization technology is recognized as one of the most effective sterilization technologies in the world.

Principle of uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization: ultraviolet is a kind of light wave invisible to the naked eye. Through ultraviolet irradiation on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, it can destroy the structure of DNA and RNA in the body, make them die or lose their reproductive ability immediately, and achieve the effect of rapid sterilization. There is no need to add any chemical agent, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, It does not change any component in the water.

If the traditional disinfection technology adopts chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself belongs to highly toxic and flammable substances, and there is no such potential safety hazard in ultraviolet disinfection. Uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization adopts sterilization lamp irradiation for sterilization, and this sterilization lamp does not consume time and energy, but only needs a little electric energy, which makes people feel more comfortable to use.

The advantage of uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization technology is that it has broad-spectrum sterilization ability. Generally, the sterilization rate of bacteria and viruses can reach 99% - 99.9% in 0.2 to 2 seconds. It can easily kill viruses, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Legionella, pneurophila, dysentery bacilli and many other bacteria. It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency. There is no need to worry about the bacteria harmful to human body in the water filtered by the water purifier. In addition, ultraviolet sterilization is pure without secondary pollution.

People regard food as their priority, water as their priority, and water is clean as its source. Water pollution is seriously threatening our daily life and physical and mental health.

However, it has not attracted enough attention from each of us. Water pollution control has always been a long-term and arduous task. As the guardian of family drinking water health, the water purifier has increasingly become a part of household appliances. Adding the function of uvc-led ultraviolet sterilization lamp to the water purifier can better protect the water quality and make the purified water truly free of pollution and harmful substances


The latest revolutionary uvc-led technology created by Shenzhen Hechuang Hitech Co., Ltd. has more efficient killing efficiency in disinfection. It is the product of the combination of Optics and hydrodynamics. Energy saving, long service life and low maintenance cost. The deep UV LED sterilizer is gradually replacing the common mercury lamp UV sterilizer in the market. One of the important reasons is that the UV LED has low power consumption and is very energy-saving. The power of the deep UV LED is about one tenth of that of the mercury lamp, which greatly saves the cost. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, flexible design and convenient installation. The deep ultraviolet LED device has small volume, and the design of its sterilization device is flexible. It can be applied in the narrow space where the traditional ultraviolet mercury lamp cannot be applied.

The module has been widely used in major products. Water purifier, air purifier, air conditioner, intelligent toilet, coffee machine etc. And it has achieved phased success. In the recent launch experiment, it has obvious effects and can fully meet the needs of different scenes such as public transportation, public places and family protection. It is believed that in the near future, such physical sterilization and disinfection instruments will comprehensively replace chemical disinfectants with higher efficiency and better user experience to protect our health and safety


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