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HC UVC Product Series

UVC Hydrogen Water Processor

◇ Product Function: 

The product is connected with the water pipe through the hydrogen rich water machine to supply the water for filtration,ultraviolet sterilization and electrolysis to produce three water quality attributes with different PH values,so as to meet the water quality requirements of drinking water purification and sterilization.



◇ Product Features: 

1. UVC-LED sterilization is different from the common hydrogen rich water machine in the market,which enriches the funciton of the product for water treatment.

2. Layers of fine filtration to filter harmful substances and retain mineral resources required by human body.

3. High concentration hydrogen rich water ,PH value can be freely selected.

4. The product has high-class appearance,convenient installation,simple maintenance and long serive life.


◇ Product Features:



UVC-LED Sterilization Hydrogenrich Water Processor

Product Size


Product Weight


Product Color

Creamy white

Working Voltage


Sterilization method

Filter element + UVC sterilization + Electrolysis

UVC Length Range

UVC wavelength 275~280NM

Switching mode

Start by high water pressure

Connection Mode

1/4" Pipeline

Input water pressure


Product Power


Water quality Requirement

Normal water


Kitchen, tea table, bathroom or water source connected to faucet, etc

Product Service life

5-10 years

Water quality attribute differentiation--alkalinity

PH 8-10

Appearance material

ABS food grade material

Water quality attribute differentiation--neutral

PH 7

Storage temperature


Water quality attribute differentiation--acidic

PH 5-6

Working temperature