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Company News | 2023/08/01

UVC Water Treatment System is Not An Option but A Trend

In recent years, water treatment system is have become an indispensable part of our lives, because environmental problems such as water pollution and air pollution have become increasingly serious, which has brought great troubles to people's health. "Drinking a glass of healthy water" has become an urgent need for people.

The current drinking water quality situation is worrying. According to data, 60% of the people in the world are drinking poor water quality, nearly 2.8 billion people drink high hardness water quality, 5 billion people drink high fluoride water quality, coupled with the serious pollution of natural water and groundwater, the number of people drinking unclean water is still With the rapid increase, drinking water safety has become an issue that people cannot ignore, but at the same time it also provides an opportunity for the rapid rise of the water treatment system industry.

Experts say water from uvc water purifier is much more safer than bottled water

At present, bottled water still occupies the mainstream of the market. After several years of rapid development, the bottled water industry with an annual growth rate of 40%-50% has begun to show a slow growth trend.

In recent years, incidents such as the low pass rate of water tank quality inspection and the secondary pollution of bottled water have been frequently reported in the newspapers, becoming a hot issue of concern. Due to the relatively low threshold of the drinking water industry, black bottles of fake water are flooding the market, which has also caused consumers to worry about the safety of bottled water.

Regarding the various problems of bottled water a anonymous senior observer in the home appliance industry in China, said: "I think water treatment system are safer than bottled water. From the perspective of bottled water itself, first of all, the health indicators of bottled water are questionable. Now The use of inferior materials in the bottled water market is common, and industry supervision is not in place; secondly, the water quality itself is not up to standard, whether to simply filter the tap water; there is also the problem of secondary pollution, the water dispenser is not cleaned regularly, causing pollution, and the surrounding environment also has Lots of uncertainties."

Installing a water purifier is safe and secure.

Tap water is not safe, and bottled water also has health risks, and it cannot take into account all domestic water. So what should we do?

Now more and more families will choose to install water purifiers at home, which is safe and secure and remove most harmful ingredients.

The water purifier adopts physical disinfection method, which can kill  harmful bacterium and Microbial Cysts in the water.The pure water maintains fresh water quality and ensures our water safety. Let us drink and use really fresh and healthy water.

Much cheaper than bottled water

Another factor is the economic cost factor. If bottled water is extended to domestic water, the monthly water cost will be a huge expense. And after accumulating, you will find that the cost of installing a water purifier is far lower than the bottled water you drink all year round!

Water purifiers are growing explosively

The trust of the audience has brought about the explosive growth of water purifiers. From 2020 to 2021, the sales of the water treatment industry were 7.2 billion yuan and 12.1 billion yuan respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 42.5%. In 2022, the sales volume of the water treatment system market reached 7.89 million units, and the sales scale will reach 19.2 billion yuan. The future market potential is huge, and the share of water dispensers will further decrease, accounting for only 10% of sales, which means that water appliances are moving from " The era of "drinking" has leaped to the era of "clean".



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