Company News | 2021/12/13
Advantages of deep ultraviolet LED in water sterilization treatment

With the improvement of people's living standards, the awareness of healthy water consumption is gradually increasing. Since water is an indispensable resource for life, good sterilization and purification methods are needed to ensure healthy drinking water. From the past to the present, people have also used many methods, mainly divided into physical methods and chemical methods. For example, physical methods include high-temperature boiling, burning, and high-pressure steam, and chemical methods include chlorine and ozone.

Chlorine disinfection will form a chlorine compound in the water, which is a carcinogen, and there will be a smell when the chlorine concentration is high. If you drink raw water, you will smell this strange smell obviously.


Ozone is another common method of water sterilization and has a strong sterilization effect. However, if its concentration is too high, the time for ozone decomposition will be prolonged. The undecomposed ozone not only smells bad but also is invisible. Killers are very harmful to the human respiratory tract, nervous system and immune system.


Although there are many methods of sterilization and disinfection, there are many uncertain factors in the efficiency of sterilization and disinfection, as well as secondary pollution and safety problems, so some methods are gradually discontinued.

Deep ultraviolet LED sterilization technology is an ideal sterilization method at present. It uses the strong sterilization function of ultraviolet rays, which is fast and efficient. The sterilization and disinfection process will not produce secondary pollution, and there is no safety hazard.



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