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Industry News | 2021/10/29

Air purification requires an UVC-LED module

Air purification requires an UVC-LED module
Recently, as foreign imports have caused Covid 19 to spread, we are paying more and more attention to air purifiers. In particular products that can remove viruses, as this is a very special period when respiratory safety is of great concern. The reason why it is so difficult to eradicate the virus is because of its extremely small size (only 0.1μm). The virus is actually one thousandth of the size of other bacteria. Moreover, viruses are a non-cellular life form which means that many methods of removing bacteria are ineffective for viruses.
The traditional filter type air purifiers filter, adsorb and purify the air through a composite filter composed of a HEPA filter and a variety of structures. It is difficult to filter the much smaller viruses so a further disinfecting device is required. 
At present, there are generally two methods of killing viruses in air purifiers on the market. One is the ozone mode. The higher the ozone content, the more effective it is at removing viruses. However, the excessive ozone method will adversely affect the human respiratory system and nervous system and could even cause skin damage. If you remain in an environment with too much ozone for extended periods of time there are potential carcinogenic risks. Therefore, this type of air purifier runs in sterilization and disinfection mode but people cannot be present for this.
The other method is the ultraviolet mode. The ultraviolet light has a wavelength of 200-290nm and can penetrate the outer shell of the virus, causing damage to the internal DNA or RNA which removes its ability to reproduce thereby killing the virus. This type of air purifier can have ultraviolet rays built into the machine to prevent ultraviolet rays from leaking and, more importantly, people can be present during this operation.

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