Industry News | 2021/07/22
The Development of UV LED

UVC purification acts an important role in our Daily life.

Do you know the development of UV LED?


The first generation and also the most common product we see in the market is UV Lamp, usually a long strip shape with wide UV wave band. Limited service life about 1000 hours.

The second generation product is UV - LED, with smaller size and and single wave-band. Portable and high disinfection effect wins large market than the UV lamp. The service time up to 20000 - 30000 hours which is 20-30 times than the first generation product.

The latest revolutionary UVC - LED Technology turns out much more effective at the disinfection. It’s the combination product of Optics and Hydrodynamics. Customizable innovate Module design from Single LED to Complex Serialization multiple LED. Assure High disinfection effect on high flowing rate through engineering customized flowing channel and specially designed UV-LED rate.

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