Company News | 2021/11/29
Can UV sterilized food be eaten?

Sterilizing food with suitable wavelength of ultraviolet light will not produce harmful substances, and there is no safety problem.

And for some foods that want to maintain the "natural state", such as fruit juice, UV sterilization is more advantageous.

When ultraviolet light is absorbed by bacteria or viruses, it will damage DNA, thereby making them lose their ability to multiply.

As far as the sterilization result is concerned, it is the same as heating or chemical treatment. However, if the ultraviolet rays do not heat,

It will not destroy the nutrients,because DNA is not the nutrient of food, and the material molecules needed by the human body will not be destroyed.

In addition, it will not destroy the natural flavor of the food. After all, chemical fungicides or preservatives introduce new substances,

and sometimes they also bring some "odors". The DNA molecules destroyed by ultraviolet rays will be decomposed when entering the human body,and no harmful substances will be produced.Therefore, although ultraviolet rays have the ability to cause cancer, foods treated with ultraviolet rays have no safety problems.

Any food processing method will "damage" the food to a certain extent. Compared with the most conventional heating,

the damage caused by UV treatment is much smaller. For some foods that want to maintain a "natural state", such as fruit juice, it has a great advantage.


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