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Company News | 2022/11/04

Green home and a beautiful life

In order to advocate the national 2035 long-term plan, building green home and a beautiful China.Through the research on terminal filtration products such as water, air, and surface we found that the problem of bacteria and viruses exceeding the standard has always existed, which are continues affecting human health and life safety continuously.
The most advanced UVC fluid sterilization technology we cooperated with the Canadian company which can sterilize all the bacteria and viruses by extremely speed in 0.2 seconds, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9999%.
In 2020, The operation headquarters of Hechuang Hitech Co., Ltd.settled in Shenzhen,and began to contribute fluid sterilization technology and products in the fields of water, air, smart toilets and various home appliances, which obtained certifications from various authoritative organizations.


In 2022, Hechuang Hitech Co., Ltd. Dongguan R&D Center was established which got cooperated with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology and other institutions to commit to the research and development of fluid sterilization technology and the application of home appliances, automobiles, and medical care.Escort the green and safe life of human beings.


Pure water, Live better!


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Shenzhen Hechuang Hitech CO., LTD. is a National High-tech Enterprise, which has won a number of invention patent technology awards.  We focuses on the Research, Development, Production and Application of UVC-LED Technology. It adopts innovative technologies of revolutionary optics and fluid science, which can kill bacteria and viruses in 0.2 seconds, with a killing rate of 99.9999%. Hechuang Hitech provides safer, more efficient and more humanized sterilization module design for Water Air and Surface Disinfection products.


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