Company News | 2021/09/03
How to use deep UV LED?

UVC-led, also known as deep UV LED, has opened up a new application scenario in the UV sterilization and disinfection market with its advantages of small volume, fast opening speed and low power consumption, and has formed a trend substitution for UV mercury lamp, just like the white LED ten years ago.


Air conditioning and air purification from air sterilization; Deep UV uvc-led began to show great application value and potential in scenes such as water tank bacteriostasis, direct drinking water, humidifier, intelligent toilet for surface sterilization and toothbrush disinfection.


The most suitable wavelength for sterilization is 265 nm, rather than the characteristic wavelength of 254 nm of low-pressure UV mercury lamp. UVC ultraviolet with wavelength between 240 ~ 290 nm has good bactericidal effect. For uvc-led, the sterilization effect depends on the peak wavelength and optical power at the same time.


For example, 270 nm is 30% better than 280 nm; 30% higher light power also has good sterilization effect( Therefore, it can be converted. The sterilization effect of 2.6 MW 280 nm uvc-led is the same as that of 2MW 270 nm uvc-led). However, considering that there is little difference in the mean value of peak wavelength among manufacturers, in fact, the optical power is the most important index to measure the sterilization efficiency.


How to use deep UV LED?


1.Smart toilet, food fresh-keeping box and smart trash can: insert uvc-led light beads on the side or top of the appropriate inner cavity, and directly sterilize the sterilized objects with ultraviolet light. The sterilization time is preliminarily converted according to the requirements of irradiation distance, area and sterilization efficiency.

2.Air purifier, various air conditioners.

uvc disinfection

3.Humidifier, water tank of water dispenser and ice maker: it is characterized by small water flow or long-term bacteriostasis. Usually, a single uvc-led sterilization module is set at the top or low end of the water tank to irradiate the ultraviolet light into the whole water body to realize the sterilization and bacteriostasis of water.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enhancement of health awareness, drinking clean and healthy water is the most basic demand in life. The UVC led UV disinfection equipment is directly and accurately integrated into the faucet or water dispenser to realize real terminal sterilization and avoid secondary pollution in the pipeline or water purifier.


The latest revolutionary uvc-led technology created by Shenzhen Hechuang Hitech Co., Ltd. has more efficient killing efficiency in disinfection. It is the product of the combination of Optics and hydrodynamics. Compared with the sterilization module on the market. Smaller size, higher disinfection rate and longer service life. Our light energy purifier module can be implanted into all kinds of purifiers popular in the market, so that it has a strong UV disinfection function and gives more effective play to the performance of the product.


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