Company News | 2021/11/16
Implantable portable UVC LED flowing water/air sterilization module has been successfully developed

Overcome the problem of bacteria in the water/air, the sterilization products in the drinking water/fresh air electronic products currently on the market are mainly ultraviolet (Ultraviolet; UV) sterilization. According to the difference in wavelength, ultraviolet rays can be divided into three types: ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). Among them, UVC has the strongest bactericidal effect. Currently, Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada and other places The research institutes are actively researching and developing the related technology of UVC sterilization.

In recent years, LEDs are facing the red sea of price competition, and the UVC disinfection and sterilization market is widely used, but the existing traditional UVC water filter light sterilization technology still relies on the mercury lamp to produce UVC sterilization, which is not only large in size and fragile, but also easy to produce mercury. Pollution problems are also harmful to the environment. The LED experts of Shenzhen Hechuang Technology LTD have invested in LED related research for a long time to find better solutions for the industry.

To develop a UVC LED light source, first of all, how to choose the correct UVC wavelength on the LED light source, and try the effects of various wavelengths on microorganisms between the UVC 200nm to 280nm wavelength bands, and find a spectrum that meets the absorption of bacteria and microorganisms.

Next, how to effectively play the role of sterilization and optimize the utilization rate of UVC light involves the design of the mechanism. Therefore, the research team constructed a channel where the water flow can be most irradiated by the UVC light source in the smallest area , and enhanced the projection. The UVC intensity of the inlet water channel is hoped to achieve a water flow of 2-5 liters,air/2-15L per minute, which can eliminate more than 99.99% of Escherichia coli and achieve the best sterilization effect.

Our company has combined many large medical manufacturers in foreign regions, invested in research and development, and gradually established an independent industrial chain of UVC LE sterilization industry in mainland China, creating a blue ocean market with high added value.

The "implantable portable UVC LED flowing water/air sterilization module" has also been successfully put into production, allowing more families to enjoy clean water and air resources. In the future, it can be applied to industries that attach great importance to water quality, such as the biomedical industry and aquaculture industry. As long as the UVC LED flowing water sterilization module is installed at the water/air inlet and outlet, the water quality can be further improved.

At present, because of its small size and easy installation, this technology can be carried around and quickly installed at each outlet terminal. It is not only suitable for ordinary homes, but can even be used for emergency situations in disaster areas. For example, when an earthquake or other disaster occurs, use this water/air purification product to It can quickly supply people with clean and safe water/air, and this technology has become the first patented product in China.

Through such technological development, not only can the cost be saved, but also the limitation of use can be escaped.

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