Company News | 2021/11/22
The advantages of UV sterilization over other sterilization methods

There is a kind of sterilization method that is commonly used by us, that is, high temperature sterilization. We especially like to use this method in our daily lives because it is convenient and fast.
However, there are some bacteria that are resistant to high temperatures. The use of high temperature sterilization and low temperature sterilization can only achieve effectiveness to a certain extent, but for those
Resistant bacteria with strong adaptability cannot do anything by adjusting the temperature for disinfection. Therefore, high temperature and low temperature disinfection have great limitations, while chemical disinfection
It is easy to cause secondary pollution. The ultraviolet disinfection avoids the disadvantages of the first two methods, neither causing pollution, and there is no selectivity.


Ultraviolet sterilization is different from other sterilization methods in that it is neither decomposing nor compounding, nor is it simply killing, but breaking through from the inside of the bacteria, which will multiply the bacteria.
The required DNA is destroyed. The way that ultraviolet rays achieve this effect is to achieve the sterilization effect by penetrating the cell membranes of various bacteria and viruses. For now, UV
It can be said to be the best sterilization method.


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