Company News | 2022/01/17
The Newly Launched "Ultraviolet Disinfection Hydrogen-rich Water Machine"

With the continuous improvement and research and development in the UVC industry, this time Shenzhen Hechuang Technology Co., Ltd. has once again been at the forefront of the industry. Launched ultraviolet sterilization hydrogen-rich water machine.


Product function: The product is connected to the water pipe by a hydrogen-rich water machine to filter, ultraviolet sterilize, and electrolyze the water quality properties of three different ph values for municipal tap water to meet the water quality requirements of drinking water, purified water, and sterilized water.


1. UVC-LED sterilization is different from the common hydrogen-rich water machines on the market, which enriches the product's water treatment functions.

2. Layers of fine filtration, filtering harmful substances while retaining the minerals needed by the human body.

3. High-concentration hydrogen-rich water, free choice of PH value.

4. The product has high-grade appearance, convenient installation, simple maintenance and long service life.



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Shenzhen Hechuang Hitech CO., LTD. is a National High-tech Enterprise, which has won a number of invention patent technology awards.  We focuses on the Research, Development, Production and Application of UVC-LED Technology. It adopts innovative technologies of revolutionary optics and fluid science, which can kill bacteria and viruses in 0.2 seconds, with a killing rate of 99.9999%. Hechuang Hitech provides safer, more efficient and more humanized sterilization module design for Air, Water and Surface Disinfection products.

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