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Company News | 2024/07/01

What is the bactericidal effect of UVC-LED water? How to choose the right UVC band ?

UVC-LED performs well in water sterilization and has been widely used in domestic, commercial and industrial fields. Its advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and convenient operation make it more and more popular in the field of water treatment. The following is a detailed description of the water sterilization effect of UVC-LED and a guide on how to choose the right UVC band :

What is the bactericidal effect of UVC-LED water?

1. Efficient sterilization

· Sterilization principle: The ultraviolet light in the UVC spectrum (200-280 nm) can destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, inhibit their reproduction and disease-causing ability, so as to achieve the sterilization effect.

· Broad spectrum sterilization: UVC-LED is highly effective against a variety of microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa).

2. Instant effect

· Fast sterilization: UVC-LED can achieve efficient sterilization in a short time without prolonged contact. This makes its application in mobile water treatment very effective.

· out of the box: With no preheating time required, the UVC-LED achieves the maximum light output in the moment it is turned on, providing instant sterilization.

3. Safe and reliable

· No chemical residue: UVC-LED sterilization does not need to add any chemical substances, will not produce harmful by-products or residues, to ensure the safety of water quality.

· Low maintenance requirements: Compared to traditional water treatment methods, UVC-LED systems are simple to maintain, mainly by regularly cleaning and replacing the lamp beads.


How to choose the right UVC band?

1. Optimum sterilization band

·UVC band (200-280 nm) : Studies have shown that UVC band, especially ultraviolet light with a wavelength of about 260 nm, has the strongest destructive ability to microbial DNA and RNA, so it is considered to be the most effective bactericidal band.

2. Select specific wavelength

·254 nm: The ultraviolet wavelength emitted by traditional mercury lamps is 254 nm, which has been widely verified to have good bactericidal effect, so when choosing UVC-LED, you can give priority to emitting leds close to this wavelength.

·260-280 nm: In recent years, studies have shown that UVC-LED wavelengths in the range of 260-280 nm have higher sterilization efficiency. Therefore, the choice of LED in this band can obtain better sterilization effect.


Sum up

UVC-LED has significant advantages in water sterilization, and selecting the right UVC band (especially 260-280 nm) can ensure efficient sterilization. In practical applications, appropriate UVC-LED products are selected according to the specific water quality and system requirements, and reasonable design and maintenance are carried out to ensure the efficient operation and water quality safety of the water treatment system.

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