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Company News | 2023/03/03

What is the difference between UVC-LED and conventional UV-lamps?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UV-disinfection of drinking water is dated back to 1910, but has been used on a bigger scale since the mid 1950's.
UVC-LED, like other LED light sources has the benefit of instantly reaching full output power when switched on, it also can manage an unlimited number of On/Off cycles. Due to this UVC-LED products are optimal for applications where you need intermittent functionality to match with the flow of water. For example, point of use (PoU) applications that could be ranging between water dispensers, drinking fountains, showers and drinking water taps in your kitchen, mobile home, or boat.


UV-lamps are mostly referring to low or medium pressure mercury vapor lamps. Which as you can tell by the name, contain mercury. Due to this, mercury vapor lamps have for example been banned in the EU since 2015 for lighting applications. But since there has been no comparable replacement product there is an exception from the ban for disinfection use.





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