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Company News | 2023/11/14

What is the future of Water Disinfection? UV-LED?

Whether you want to disinfect drinking water or need to outfit a municipal system with equipment that can effectively disinfect the water, there is a range of different technologies that can be used for water disinfection purposes. Among the more modern technologies is ultraviolet disinfection, which can take place with the use of UV LED lamps. Ultraviolet water disinfection systems are combined with light-emitting diodes to strengthen the disinfection properties of the UV system.

There are two different solutions that can be paired with an ultraviolet disinfection system, which include UVC LED reactors and UV lamp reactors. Standard UV lamp reactors are ideal for continuous operation. On the other hand, the potency of UVC LED reactors means that the light input from the device is instantaneous and produces high-intensity results. UVC germicidal irradiation uses very short wavelengths of ultraviolet light to kill pathogens and microorganisms that are found in the water. The effectiveness of this specific technology depends on how long the microorganism is directly exposed to ultraviolet light.

The LED light bulbs that are placed in an ultraviolet disinfection system are able to produce light that’s as much as 90 percent more efficient than standard incandescent light bulbs. The efficiency of these light bulbs is also what makes them more effective when used for water disinfection purposes. The intense light that’s emitted from an LED bulb will land in the 250-280nm range. Keep in mind that this is a very recent invention, which is why the effects of UV LED lamps still need to be studied to determine how potent they can be for water disinfection in industrial settings.
UV LED lamps are considered to be among the most effective methods for disinfecting water and for eliminating the bacteria that can be present in water. The ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate the harmful pathogens and microorganisms that are found in the water, which means that the water can be disinfected in a simple and environmentally friendly manner. At the moment, UV LED systems are best used with point-of-use applications, which means that the system should be placed nearby 1-2 taps as opposed to an entire building. This article goes in-depth about UV LED lamps and how they are the future of water disinfection.

UV LED lamps are the future of water disinfection and are able to provide nearly all of the benefits of other filtration systems without any of the drawbacks. Standard UV lamps are already being adopted at a high rate because of their efficacy in getting rid of pathogens. Once UV LED lamps can be produced for more POE and industrial applications, they can replace standard UV lamps and eliminate the mercury pollution that has been caused by these UV lamps.

At the moment, the primary manufacturers and distributors of UV LED lamps include Pelican Water and Aquasana. These devices can be sourced directly for home use or integration into different appliances. If you want to use one of these systems in your home, they are considered to be a cost-effective solution for water disinfection. Their maintenance requirements are also much less stringent when compared to standard UV lamps, which makes them beneficial for any household.

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